Omega 3


  • Qty: 90 softgels per bottle


This is an essential fatty acid (your body does not produce it, thus it must be obtained from your diet). Food sources in the diet are from fatty fish eg tuna, sardine, salmon & mackerel. If you are not eating your fatty fish then an omega 3 supplement is essential.
Omega 3’s are well known for their benefits on cardiovascular health (heart health) and their anti-inflammatory properties. The amount of essential fatty acid EPA and DHA is important when choosing your omega 3 supplement.
Our omega 3 is HEAVY METAL FREE and contains excellent amounts of EPA and DHA. It is recommended that you eat fatty fish 2-3 times a week.
For most supplementing omega 3 is essential.

Use 3 tablets every night.
If you are on blood thinning medication consult your Dr first.