EasyFit Low Carb Drink Lime


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EasyFit is a great low carbohydrate drink for use during exercise. It provides electrolyte replacement without the additional/ excess sugar. It is essential to avoid sugar when on a healthy eating or weight loss plan. This product is great to provide you with some energy and to replace electrolytes during a workout.
It can be used for exercise up to 2 hours.
Nutritional value (per 16g): KJ = 247g Carbs = 2.3g. Protein (whey) = 4.4g per serving.
NO artificial sweetners, NO atrificial colourants, NO preservatives, NO trans fats, NO banned substances, NO maltodextrin.
Available in Grape & Lime


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Add 16g (1 scoop) to 600-700ml water. Mix well. Use during training. 31 servings per 500g bag.