Easy Protein Plus Meal Replacement Vanilla


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Our Easy Protein Plus meal replacement is a pure whey powder. A 30g serving (1 scoop) provides 22.1g whey protein.
Protein is essential for a healthy diet. When exercising with the aim of increasing muscle mass or supporting weight training a protein supplement is necessary. Whey protein is easily absorbed and is high biological value protein.
It can also be used as a meal replacement.
Contains no fructose, aspartame, added sugar, soy or egg protein.
Contains Isolate, Hydrolysate and concentrate blend
Nutrition info per 30g: kJ = 448 Prot = 22.1g Carbohydrate = 1.1g Fat = 1.5g
Available in Chocolate and Vanilla
33 servings per 1kg container.


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Add 1-2 scoops (30g per scoop) Easy Protein plus meal replacement to 250 ml water. Mix well. Consume within half an hour of exercise.
33 servings per 1kg container.
Available in chocolate and vanilla