Most men I know are busy, yet they have the desire to be healthy, drop some fat and be lean. Men are aware of health conditions associated with weight gain and unhealthy habits. It is important for a man to look good and healthy and create habits that support a healthy lifestyle.

It is definitely easier for men to drop some fat weight than it is for ladies. The reason is that men have a higher muscle mass than women in general and a higher muscle mass makes fat burning much easier.

Here are my top tips for men to keep a healthy & maintain a lean body weight.

1. Start you day with a good breakfast. This kick starts your metabolism for the day. Make sure you add protein to your breakfast so that your blood sugar remains controlled and you stay “full” for most of the morning. If you are on the run at least have a good quality protein shake with a fruit blended in it.

2. Drink enough water. Back to back meetings, spending time on site etc. can lead to water consumption rapidly lacking. Your body needs to be well hydrated to function well. Keep your water bottle at hand so you can drink up during and between meetings or whilst driving in the car.

3. Take your omega 3. A healthy heart is one we all want. Well purified omega 3 has great benefits on your cardiovascular health. Where possible consume fatty fish – tuna, sardines, salmon or mackerel. It is easiest for most to drink omega 3 at night to top up your body’s needs.

4. Stay in motion. You need to walk and be active. Make an effort to get to a gym 3-4 times a week. Commit to an activity that you enjoy and one that is convenient for your program – swim, play tennis, walk on your treadmill at home, cycle or hike. There are so many activities to choose from. The outdoors and exercise session will most definitely help alleviate stress build up as well.

5. Watch the alcohol consumption. Alcohol is full of calories and regular intake will most definitely have an impact on your weight and liver. If possible try not to drink during the week. When necessary opt for the lite options and limit portions of alcohol. People will respect your boundaries – it is your job to set the boundaries.

6. Have your fruit and vegetables daily. Antioxidants help protect your body against inflammation. Pack in a fruit and have veggies at lunch and dinner. Fruit and veggies also provide fibre which is essential for good gut health (constipation).

7. Regular check up’s at your doctor. Have your annual check- up‘s done! Early detection of diseases can easily be fixed with improved dietary habits. If you can avoid going on chronic medication…why not?

Healthy habits are what you are looking to create. Your body will respond well to healthy habits YOU create. Better energy levels, concentration and less sick days are the most common benefits. When you have simple and practical solutions to suit your needs living a healthy lifestyle is really easy!

Take the first step to create your own good health. You’re surely don’t need to change everything overnight but you can surely refine each week as you progress and enjoy the benefits of great health!

Written by Ajita Ratanjee, Dietitian at Easy Health Wellness.