It is a new year, new beginning, another chance to do things differently. A clean page to reset goals, a fresh start with a new mind-set…welcome 2017!

The top 3 things that make majority New Year goals are weight loss, more exercise & more time with the family. Health …yes your health will always be a priority for the year. It is your most priced asset and without it life is just not the same.

So then for 2017 how will you end the year and achieve your health goals successfully? We all know the rush to the gym and the healthy meals for week one of the New Year, by week two we have already lost a few contenders and by the end of January at least half our ambitious goal setters are nowhere to be seen. What happens to us that we simply cannot keep this on track when it is of such high importance for so many of us?

Let me make it simple for you. The first thing is your MINDSET. If you are looking for the quick fix solutions and the magic pill that promises that no lifestyle change is going to make all your health challenges disappear then you are already setting yourself up for failure. However, just take a second to think about making this a way of life, a way you enjoy eating, a way you enjoying living…then you are on a completely different path and long term success is most likely to be yours.

Take it one step at a time. When you try to do everything perfectly at one go the chances of you keeping it up are highly unlikely. We all have our good days and then the days where things went a little off track…that is life.
When it comes to diet and you’re eating habits make sure your plan is simple, easy and practical to follow. You should be able to buy all your groceries at your local supermarket and if you do need to eat out then you should be equipped with the knowledge on exactly how to do this. When you are equipped with education on how to choose different under various circumstances then you will stay on track with your plan and continue in confidence with what you need to do. The less you need to think about your eating plan, because your choices start happening by default the more you can be sure you are winning at your health goals!

Build on your basics. Once you start eating regularly then look for variations to make you’re eating interesting. Once an exercise session starts getting easy push it a notch up. Develop good habits over time.

With all the information out there on the internet and many many health experts, my recommendation here is to consult someone you are happy with regarding their treatment plan for YOUR needs. Take a look at success stories and testimonials. Look at the plan prescribed and vision yourself being able to do this for the long-term and not just through will-power make it for 3 months and then have a big crash.

Preparation, education and a willingness to change one step at a time key decisions to make this a success for you. The joy of having clients with long-term results is what has always kept me motivated to help even more clients on their health journey.

Make the choice to adopt a healthy Lifestyle and your results for 2017 will be ticked off as a huge success!