We all love eat out from time to time. Depending on your work and schedule some need to eat out more than others. Making the right choices remains crucial to ensure that you can eat what is the best for you especially if you have a disease like diabetes, high cholesterol etc or if you are on a plan to support weight loss.

Fortunately most restaurants nowadays have great menu choices and sides are up to you …so you do have options to choose what works for you!

For a person that would like to stick to a healthy plan and maintain their weight always ensure that you have your protein and veggies or salad. Protein choices include meat, fish, chicken, egg, cheese, ostrich, game, pork. Red meat like beef and lamb should not exceed 3 times a week as they are higher cholesterol containing foods. Remember to also choose fatty fish as they are high in omega 3 which have many beneficial anti-inflammatory effects.

Examples of fatty fish are tuna, sardine, salmon and mackerel. Choose grilled or steamed or Cajun options as these cooking methods have less fat thus reducing kilojoule intake. Options like salads and stir-fry’s are great!

You starch option will depend on your activity level. Remember additional energy provided from starches that are not burned up will get stored as fat. My rule is to eliminate starch from either lunch or dinner.

Drinks can add many additional kilojoules so choose drinks wisely. Sugar containing cool-drinks are a definite no as sugar is known for its inflammatory effects on the body. 100% juices also are high in concentrated natural sugar so avoid them if you are watching your weight. Sugar free cool-drinks are an option as they have much less kilojoules. Most people do not drink enough water so water is also a good option as boring as it may sound. Alcohol packs in lots of extra kilojoules – a light version of wine or beer will help cut kilojoules. Spritzers also help to lower kilojoules from an alcoholic drink.

Sauces may have a higher fat content than what you may usually take in. Opt for sauces to be served separately so that you can add a limited amount to your dish.

Dessert…what can I say. They are so loaded with sugar and fat that they will throw any healthy plan off track. So once in a while when you do indulge make your workout a bit more intense to burn up the extra kilojoules.

It is impossible for anyone to eat a perfect diet all the time thus being active makes a difference to balance out kilojoules especially on the times you take in a bit more. Remember you are trying to make a lifestyle change…not binge and quick fixes!

It important to keep thinks practical. When you create good habits it is easy to maintain weight, diabetes, cholesterol etc. It’s when you have bad habits and choose more bad habit options when eating out that you will find yourself in a negative cycle with your health. We all can make good choices and enjoy some treats from time to time.

Your health is your greatest most valuable asset… take the time to create good habits! At Easy Health Wellness we make healthy living easy and practical!