Spring has arrived and it is time to ditch the long sleeves, jerseys, coats, scarfs and boots. The season for short sleeves, summers dresses, bikinis & sandals is here. Longer warmer days are welcomed as we celebrate Spring!
For many this change of season may have a small challenge…. The few kilo’s and centimeter’s you put on in the winter which MUST GO now. It is an easy task if you know what to focus on. Remember small actions daily will give you the results you want. So stay away from quick fixes and starvation diets, they will not get you far (and we all know they don’t work).

It may sounds like you have heard it all before…you most likely have. So how about taking some initiative and a few positive steps to make YOU feel good about YOURSELF and your weight.

Try these easy guidelines and see how well they work for you:

 Pick up on your water intake – in winter months we tend to drink less water. You need to be well hydrated to be healthy and to burn fat. The recommendation of 8-10 glasses water a day is a good one to aim for
 Start some exercise – we all don’t need to be gym addicts, there are many other forms of activity you can do that you enjoy. Walking 30 minutes 3-4 times a week is a good start and is adequate. Mooikloof is a beautiful estate with the great dam area; why not use what is at your doorstep. If you are counting your steps aim for 10 000 steps a day
 Cut the sugary drinks – no sugar containing cooldrinks, iced teas’, oros, tropika, 100% juice, flavoured bottle water, appetizer, grapetizer. You may get some vitamins and minerals out some of the drinks but the kilojoules are too high. Drink water, low cal juices, sugar free cool-drinks
 Cut the refined carbohydrates – sugar, white breads, white rolls, pastries, cakes, sweets, chocolates, energy bars, popcorn, pretzels, rice-cakes. These foods cause a sugar hike and make you hungrier. Remember as long as you provide your body with refined carbs you will not get into a “ fat burning” zone
 Have starch at one meal only – lunch or dinner. Keep the other meal protein and vegetables or protein and salad
 Eat enough protein! Use you handpalm as a guideline – your protein portion should not be smaller than your handpalm (it can be as big as your hand). Keep it lean. Protein keeps your blood sugar stable and keeps you feeling full
 Most important – do it with a healthy mindset and healthy lifestyle in mind. Desperation and quick fixes will only leave you frustrated and disappointed.

It’s the small steps you do daily that add up at the end of the day. As a dietitian I like to keep it simple and practical for you! Every centimetre you lose counts. Weight can sometimes go much slower than centimetre loss so make sure you interpret your numbers correctly.

There is no price on knowing the feeling of a healthy body, the energy and lightness you feel will delight you. Try it…you will never turn back…it is addictive!