Many people are faced with the challenge of not being able to see a professional person regularly for weight loss consultation. You are however motivated and keen to lose the weight so your next best option is to do a home diet plan. Remember that you are now being accountable to yourself so you need to gear to make your journey a successful one!

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your plan will be a success:

• Ensure the plan you are following is by a professional e.g. a dietitian
• Use the support provided e.g. a free call or a free consultation – this will help you understand better what to do and assist in clearing things you are not sure about
• Fill in all the exercises required e.g. reasons you want to lose weight, what is your ideal weight, what is your ideal clothing size etc. This helps you mentally prepare for the journey and establish some strong core reasons to follow through on difficult days. If you have a strong clear reason to lose the weight then writing it down will surely help you remember on the days that are a bit more challenging.
• Take your measurements are recommended
• Keep your food diary – this keeps you aware of what you are eating
• Follow through with your exercise recommended – ensure that you do the minimum sessions that are required. Remember diet and exercise work hand in hand.
• Take the supplements recommended
• Remember you are now accountable to yourself, if necessary get a friend to measure you weekly
• Stay on track on weekends as well! Remember “cheating” on a weekend can ruin a weeks hard work
• If unsure make an appointment or do a telephonic call with the clinic that you got your plan from, a good reputable clinic will always help you.
• If you are an emotional eater seek help with a professional – otherwise you will keep sabotaging your success.

We have launched a 30 day home diet package. It has been requested for a while now and we would like to help more people have successful weight loss stories to share.

For more info email or call 012 997 2783