Your health is your greatest asset – without a fully functioning body so many basics that we enjoy and we take for granted e.g. taking a hike, walking a scenic tour, walking up a flight of stairs, playing outdoor games with your kids etc. can suddenly become tasks you cannot perform or if you can to a very limited extent. Adopting a healthy lifestyle does not need to be complicated …it just takes some effort to put in the right foods so that you can adequately provide your body with essential nutrients it needs to function optimally.
Here are a few points to help you be healthy from the inside out.

1. No sugar
We have heard this one so many times and it still stands at the top of the list. Sugar and sugar containing foods & drinks cause inflammation in your system, they cause a surge of insulin to be released (insulin helps normalize blood sugar but also helps to store fat) and damages tissue lining. So the bottom line is that the less sugar you have the less insulin you secrete (less fat storage takes place) and you have less inflammation in your system.

2. Water
Water is essential for a healthy body. Being well hydrated helps you function optimally. It helps prevent constipation and assists with regular bowel movements. An easy way to get in water is by keeping a 500ml water bottle with you and drinking it during the day. Keep topping it up so that you get in adequate water for the day.

3. Omega 3
This is an essential fatty acid – this means that we need to get it in from food we eat, our body does not synthesize it on its own. Sources of omega 3 are fatty fish – tuna, sardine, salmon and mackerel. Omega 3 fatty acids have great anti-inflammatory properties and help keep cardiovascular health good. Most people do not consume fatty fish 2-3 times a week and thus need to supplement with omega 3. Make sure that your omega 3 is Heavy metal free.

4. Exercise
Diet and exercise work together. Make sure that you are active 3 to 4 times a week. Exercise helps keeping your weight in check, it helps maintain muscle mass and it helps burn up extra kilojoules you may have taken in. It also helps to relieve stress. Choose a variety of exercises – cardio, strength training, flexibility and core exercises.

5. Sleep
We need adequate sleep for our bodies to regenerate and revitalize. We need six to seven hours sleep to function optimally. Lack of sleep affects concentration and mood.

6. Regular bowel
A huge part of your immunity is in your gut so having a healthy functioning gut is very important. You need enough fibre in your diet – both soluble and insoluble to have a regular bowel movement. Adequate water intake & activity also helps keep a good gut health. Healthy gut bacteria can be added by having yoghurt regularly. Constant use of laxatives is not recommended as it makes your gut lazy.

7. Fresh foods
Choose fresh produce as far as possible. Canned, packaged and instant foods are loaded with sodium, preservatives and artificial ingredients. Eating fresh foods provides a variety of nutrients and fibre in your diet.

8. Fruits & veggies
Include a variety of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet. The various colour spectrums of fruits and veggies provide you with vitamin and minerals you need to stay healthy. Antioxidant s in fruits and veggies are also great for antiaging properties, boosting immunity & preventing many diseases. It is always better to have a fresh fruit than juice as you will get in more fibre from consuming a fresh fruit.

9. Supplement
Due to busy lifestyles most of us need the help of supplements to keep our nutrient levels topped up. A multivitamin and omega 3 are good bases to start with. Depending on your individual needs other supplements can be added. Easy Health Wellness has a great range of basic supplements to help you get started.

10. Mind set
Keep a positive mind set about your health. Take time to take care of your body – it is after all the only one you have! Embrace a healthy lifestyle instead of always being desperate for results. This causes you to look for quick fixes and quick fixes don’t last.

At Easy Health Wellness we help clients make lifestyle changes to improve health, lose weight and sustain weight loss. We have a great range of supplements and health products that make your healthy lifestyle easy and enjoyable!
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