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Why Does
The Easy Health Wellness™
System Work?

ajita-300It starts with a professional…

Weight loss authority and dietitian Ajita Ratanjee is the owner of Easy Health Wellness. She completed her BDietetics degree at the University of Pretoria. Her special interest lies in lifestyle diseases – obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. She has successfully assisted clients lose 5kg up to 100kg! Her eating plans are simple, easy and practical to follow.
The clinic offers services to adults, children, infants and babies. Dietary needs for pregnant and breastfeeding mother’s is also available with the dietitian’s at the clinic.

“We educate and empower our  client’s to make choices, to have the ability to swap foods out in their dietary plan thus enabling them to have long term success!” – Ajita

historyNext is your personal consultation…

We break the consultation into 2 parts.

Before we can give you your custom plan for the future, we need to get a feeling for your dietary and lifestyle history.

This means an easy discussion with your highly trained dietitian regarding your current dietary habits, exercise pattern and any medical history that may be relevant to the prescription of your diet plan.

body-compThen your personalized body analysis…

A state-of-the-art body composition analysis on the Tanita BC 1000 scale that provides valuable info to both you & our team regarding the different components of  Total Body Weight eg… % Body Fat, % Water, % Muscle Weight, Basal Metabolic Rate, Visceral Fat Reading, and Waist to Hip Ratio.

Your current diet will be analysed and compared to blood results available and  your reading from the Tanita BC 1000 scale – this helps you to see “where am I now” and then have the insight to understand what changes need to be made to achieve your goals.

EHW Omega3Finally, your custom diet plan and follow up support schedule.

Your eating plan will be calculated, your follow up visit scheduled, and we will then be at your side to assist you on your journey to safe & sustainable weight loss and doing what we are very passionate about – Educating and equipping you to make positive lifestyle changes.

Your consultant will also educate you on what supplementation may be required based on your current dietary intake, and a safe supplemental dose will be recommended.

We have a range of high quality snacks we can recommend to fit into your program for your convenience.

Follow ups will be done weekly and a range of nutrition and lifestyle topics will be discussed with your dietitian.

A body composition is done weekly on the Tanita BC 1000 scale to monitor progress.

On achieving your goals a maintenance plan will be discussed.

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